Serves 16

12 red finger limes
250ml hot milk
8 egg yolks
300grms castor sugar
200ml lime juice
2 limes zest only
2 gelatine leaves
500ml whipped cream (to ribbon stage)
1 punnet raspeberries
1 punnet blueberries
1 fresh coconut

lime sauce
100grms castor sugar
100ml lime juice
5 limes zest only

whisk egg yolks, castor sugar, lime juice and zest and hot milk in a bowl. Place bowl over pan of boiling water (au bain marie)
Whisk frequently until mixture is at ribbon stage. Usually takes approx. one hour
Remove bowl from heat, add soaked gelatine leaves & finger lime pearls.
allow to cool over a bowl of ice water
Once cool, fold in whipped cream
Pour mixture into a measuring jug and fill plastic dariole moulds.
Place in refridgerate over night
Turn out when set

Lime sauce
Place all ingredience in a pot
Boil for 4 to 5 minutes

To garnish
Turn each mould out and plate individually
Scatter berries around the mousse.
Drizzle with lime sauce
Grate fresh coconut over entire dish