5 Seafood Dishes you’ll love

With the exception of a few poor souls with food allergies, everyone loves seafood and Thomas Corner Eatery’s menu reflects that. There’s something about being on the Sunshine Coast that makes you want to eat healthy seafood dishes. Noosa’s tropical climate makes eating light seafood creations a popular choice, and we’re fortunate to have easy access to the freshest, locally caught ingredients.

Our menu is a carefully balanced mixture of favourites which we’ve tried, tested and perfected over the years so they’re now guaranteed crowd pleasers. However, all our dishes are modified according to the seasons and what accompaniments and garnishes are available.

We liaise with fish suppliers from around the Sunshine Coast daily and prefer to use local seafood whenever possible. If availability is limited, we may use our favourite seafood suppliers from around Australia. For example, if none is available locally, we may serve Cone Bay Barramundi from the crystal-clear waters of Western Australia.

Here are the five most popular seafood dishes from our menu.

  1. Spanner crab – Local Fraser Island spanner crab are a seasonal delicacy which can only be caught during the open season. The season is usually open for most of the year, although it closes from from mid-November to mid-December to protect the breeding cycle.

During summertime, a favourite dish is our spanner crab salad entree which may be served with chilled peach, ruby grapefruit, mint and lemongrass dressing. The combination of sweet crab meat and tangy fruit is irresistible.

  1. Raw fish – Raw fish is becoming more and more popular in Australia as diners become more sophisticated and enjoy trying new things. Our menu usually has a daily raw fish option that’s often served with Asian-inspired flavours like white radish, ginger root, finger lime, soy and shiso. Raw tuna is popular but, whatever fish is used, this dish is always ordered constantly, especially at lunchtime or in the evenings as an entrée.
  2. Hot smoked fish – We source locally made hot smoked salmon and trout from one of Noosa’s best seafood markets. The flesh is chunky and meaty with a robust flavour that works well whatever the season. We often serve hot smoked fish as an entrée created from carefully chosen ingredients and worked into a rich, hearty dish.
  3. Oysters – Our oysters are shucked to order because that retains the flavour and ensures the oysters are still totally fresh and served in their own fragrant juices. We prefer Pacific oysters because they’re large, plump and full of flavour. Oysters at Thomas Corner Eatery may be served with horseradish, shallots, vinegar and lemon juice. They’re equally popular as an entrée for lunch or dinner, or during the afternoon with a glass of wine during our Plenty for 20 special times from 3pm-5.30pm.
  4. Daily Fish Special – Whether it’s barramundi, snapper, sweetlip, swordfish, mahi mahi, line caught yellow fin tuna, or yet another species of locally caught fish, our daily fish special always flies out of the kitchen as a popular main course. Our fish special will usually be served with a seasonal green and special sauce, for example with zucchini, Woombye feta and tomato and coriander dressing.

If you love seafood and are tempted by all of these dishes, don’t be afraid to order seafood for both your entrée and main course. Or order a few different entrees to share with the table so you can try a little bit of everything.

Remember these are the seafood dishes which tend to get ordered most but we have plenty of other popular seafood options too, including Mooloolaba prawns, Hervey Bay scallops and Morton Bay bugs. We’ll have to write about those another time.

If these seafood ideas have given you an appetite and you’d like to try them, call Thomas Corner Eatery now to reserve a table and taste them for yourself.