Hand picked spanner crab salad, shaved fennel, cucumber, lime, organic watercress and sweet and sour dressing

Serves 6

1 large head fennel,very finely shaved on mandoin
100 gr julienne of skinned ,deseeded continental cucumber
2 limes
60gr sorrel leaves
sweet and sour dressing
Murry river salt flakes
20ml lime juice
480grm spanner crab-meat hand picked (80gr per person)
2 bunch baby watercress
Joseph olive oil


Finely shred fennel and keep in acidulated water (must be done on the day)
Roll leaves of sorrel into a cigar shape and shred using a cooks knife (must be done on day)
Segment the limes, strain and dice, mix in  a bowl with fennel and sorrel and  baby watercress, salt and drizzle with joseph cold pressed olive oil
Divide mix into 6 plates and place crab on top, squeeze juice on top and dress with sweet and sour dressing.

Serve with a cheek of lime

Cooking spanner crabs

Plunge lives crabs into pots of boiling water, bring to boil asap and then time for 9 minutes. Lift out and plunge into ice water of 10 minutes and pick right away. Keep body meat separate from leg of meat.

To make sweet and sour dressing

Melt 200gr light palm sugar, add 200ml white wine vinegar and 2x red peppers  finely diced, 1 x green pepper, 1 x yellow pepper, 1x long red chilli- served chilled


Note: You can purchase hand picked spanner crab from Fraser Isle spanner crabs

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