Noosa has been Australia’s favourite resort town for decades and, during that time, it’s also grown to become one of Australia’s favourite foodie destinations. Noosa hosts many popular food-related events but most food-lovers come here at times outside those events, because fine dining is guaranteed year-round in Noosa’s best restaurants. What makes Noosa restaurants so popular and Noosa such a hot destination for foodies?

Noosa attracts top chefs

David Rayner ChefLiving in Noosa is a common dream, and one that’s shared by many of Australia’s top chefs. For such a small population, Noosa is home to a surprisingly large number of Australia’s best restaurants, because it attracts the best chefs. While their passion may be food and hospitality, they also want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches and tropical climate.

Superior produce

Noosa’s location on the Southern coast of Queensland, means that our local crops include a huge variety of fruit and vegetables. Everything from tropical produce, like dragon fruit and lychees, as well as crops that prefer a cooler climate, like parsnips and shallots, can be grown and harvested in South East Queensland. We also have the ocean on our doorstep making seafood bountiful and fresh as well as affordable. This easy access to fresh food that changes seasonally, means our ingredients are diverse and superior, naturally leading to better tasting food.


Being a highly-regarded foodie destination helps Noosa attract the best hospitality staff as well as chefs. Staff expectations in our restaurants are high with training a priority and good prospects for chefs, maître d’s and serving staff who have the desired skills. Service in Noosa tends to be sharp and professional yet relaxed and accommodating, making eating out a pleasure for diners.

Classic style

Like a classic maxi dress or white linen shirt, Noosa never goes out of style and our restaurants also tend to be timelessly hip and stylish. Noosa has developed a style of its own that holiday makers and weekend visitors have time to appreciate. This indefinable style can be enjoyed in our restaurants, and sets it apart from the big cities making it a place to see and be seen.

Alfresco dining

Our restaurants take advantage of the warm Queensland climate, allowing diners to enjoy their food and drinks outside. Thomas Corner Eatery is a good example of a Noosa restaurant that has an open air, breezy feel. The restaurant design allows guests to eat outside where they can enjoy the river views, and makes the most of cool breezes in summertime.

Would you like to experience dining at one of Noosa’s best restaurants? Thomas Corner Eatery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with bar snacks and an extensive wine, beer and cocktail list available all day. Call now to book a table.