Noosa is a magnet for foodies, both people who like to eat well and those who dream of starting their own business in the food industry. Every year new restaurants open at the beginning of the busy season then close down just a few months later.

While the restaurant business is often glamorised, it’s a tough industry and highly competitive. We’re often asked about the secret to our success and how we’ve managed to create a thriving restaurant with a loyal client base that’s stood the test of time.

There’s no secret formula but here are a few things that have helped Thomas Corner Eatery become known as one of Noosa’s best restaurants.

National recognition

From the very first year we opened, in 2010, Thomas Corner Eatery was included in the Australian Gourmet Traveller good food guide. It’s been included every year since then and, in 2017, was one of only six Noosa restaurants listed. Over the years, and in the face of stiff competition, we’ve been favourably reviewed by food critics and appeared on numerous best restaurant lists and in magazines such as Delicious, Country Style, Gourmet Traveller, Qantas Spirit of Australia, Jetstar and Voyeur, Virgin Australia’s inflight magazine. That critical acclaim and media attention has helped us gain notoriety and make us the stand out place to dine in Noosa.

Fine food                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

No restaurant gets that type of media attention and feedback unless they deliver the goods. Our focus on honest, fresh food is summed up in our mission to serve what restaurant owner and head chef David Rayner describes as “No froths, frills or fancy garnishes. Just food people love to eat.” While food trends come and go, our focus on creating fresh, vibrant dishes made from local, seasonal produce never gets old.

Stunning location

As anyone who’s visited Noosa knows, our beautiful river is every bit as stunning as the beaches. In fact, like many locals, we prefer the river because there are plenty of shady spots to enjoy the view, you can enjoy a relaxing swim without getting knocked over by rogue waves and there’s plenty of parking nearby. If you’re looking for good food, views and you want to combine eating out with shopping, adventure sports or just a spot of people watching, the river’s the place.

Modern industrial interior

Our fit out is classic, modern and chic. If you can drag your eyes away from the river views, there’s plenty to look at inside the restaurant too. It’s timeless and elegant, yet it reflects the laid-back Noosa vibe. We regularly add new details to our interior, so there’s always something new and interesting to look at, such as the living garden wall, the aged-patina mirror and the blue feature wall, textured with papiermâché. Vibrant cushions and chemical flasks, which we use as wine flasks, also add splashes of colour. It’s these little touches and the attention to detail that add to Thomas Corner Eatery’s appeal

Wines, cocktails and BYO

We have an extensive wine and cocktail list serving drinks that perfectly match the climate and menu and appeal to a range of tastes. Unlike many high-end restaurants, we also offer a BYO option, allowing diners to bring their own wine if they prefer.

Open all day

Many restaurants are only open for a few set hours during the middle of the day and in the evening, but we’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That means that diners are never hurried out and, if you want to extend your long lunch into afternoon nibbles, followed by evening cocktails, you can.

Afternoon specials

You don’t have to order a meal to be able to unwind with food and drinks at Thomas Corner Eatery. Our Plenty for 20 afternoon special draws people who want to enjoy the view and ambiance, and relax in style at the end of the day. We also offer a bar snacks menu. We love Noosa and we love what we do. Maybe that’s another reason why people love eating here. What do you think people look for in Noosa’s best restaurants? Make a booking now to decide for yourself.